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Senior Producer, Kevin Wyglad, a life time and career musician and performer was also working in studios and recording since he was 15 years old. Being around sound equipment his entire life growing up in a family of professional musicians, he eventually started a production company in 1995 called Pro South Entertainment that booked entertainment, managed artist, and provided audio and video production for all kinds of events.  Around that same time, Kevin put together his first recording studio out of his home. He recorded 3 full length CD projects in the first year and the ball was rolling. He shortly began recording jingles and theme songs for companies and events all over the nation. Just recently in 2014, 20 years later, Pro South Entertainment,was dissolved so to build Vertical Sound Studio as the primary LLC.  Vertical Sound Studio has associate producers to help with multiple projects. Vertical Sound also records and provides live audio for special events and concerts. For more questions and more information about us,, feel free to contact us any time.